The Hiatus

12 11 2009


When we stop and take a long look into things, we realize that things may not be what they seem. 2009 draws to a close and the lessons aquired from these past months are most memorable. I allowed myself to take risks upon situations that I would of never thought twice about. Those risks took a lead into some great opportunities and connections. So what is this “hiatus” I speak of? Well, it’s the pause of an artist who attempts to capture the ideals of who he/she is. In my case-the definition is still forming and will continue to form, until perhaps great scholars past my time will try to define. I must admit that allowing myself solitude has given me understanding of many things, yet it has also taken me to deeper thoughts I find myself having to climb from.
Self value is questioned when you are left to figure it out on your own. The ideas may be big, but how do you start them? From what I know thus far-there is no manual. Creativity is the name of the game. Sometimes if we look back at out past we can amaze ourselves of the accomplishments. The most important thing is to just keep going. The idea of pushing forward at times can be stressful. It’s the commitment one makes everyday knowing that something better is in store in the long run. What about this and that opportunity? Well, I have learned that they all come and go. Everyone has their moment. What you do with it is up to you. I close out this year knowing that all things happen for a reason. Ten years now. Ten years. 2010-welcome, for this is really just the beginning.
:) 12-16-09