Orpheus & Eurydice Preview

24 02 2012

Opening night is February 25, 2012!

Artistic Integrity

9 02 2012

You can’t call yourself a Teacher if you’ve never been the student. This is back to the basics as I see it. What’s the wrong in letting go of past ideas to make room for the ever flowing thoughts, ideas, dreams, and passions that live in our ‘own” realities. Holding on to things past keep us in one place. It’s sometimes hard to escape those pasts due to fear. I have faced that fear and now I use my own axiom to move my journey forward.
While working with Wheeling HS last month I was on so many thoughts as I was now away from Seattle. I’ve been here before and something about this I enjoyed. The dancers were ready and open to the ideas I presented during the choreographic sessions. The process then became a puzzle to form with variations being at our disposal. I wanted to play with the idea of how things are seen when we are within a box. I found the beauty within that space knowing that many shapes could form within it. This idea then finishes with the dancers outside the box. The walls contained them are now broken and spaced about in the given space. Dancers place themselves by the object to reveal the vast variations of movement without being contained. The working title for the ballet is “Systematic box Theory”. They say “home is where the heart is”-right? Well I certainly find truth in that. Even when everything has changed you still find that reality of family and loved ones. It was the best time for me emotionally. Having the chance to actually see friends and family was special to me. I’ve been away so long and it is those whom we are close to we begin to miss. I started to capture scenes with my camera in certain locations of the city. I was on the campus of Wayne State University. The most significant night I had there was being able to retrace my actual pathway through the campus. We crossed Anthony Wayne Drive to cut side to the parking structure. All these years and that moment rushed all my past memories during my freshman year of college. This wasn’t just thoughts of my course of study. This was of the things learned outside the studio. The growing and finding independence without the known comforts of home.
Those are the years in which we begin to form our integrity. No longer are we under one idea that was perhaps instilled in us. My training always included the study of being a student. When I began my dance training I really had to find that connection between movement and musicality . I was also tuned in on the voice as well. Power of the voice in which communication is key to allow dancers to grasp the idea. When it came to taking classes I tuned into everything. Keep an open mind, absorbing information. Learning. I also had to put this idea into other aspects of my life as well. We begin to make choices for ourselves. The choices we make somehow lead up to where we are now presently. During this process our integrity becomes a little more congealed. We have been exposed to vast ideas and we give and take. What works for some may not work for others. We should remain receptive to what the universe is telling us. From there our morality and values become a practice. Without the practice we can’t fulfill our own goals. Whatever our passion may be it should then become a practice. With this idea we are clear of the fundamentals that this passion brings us. This becomes our very own artistic integrity. The most important element is that we never stop wanting to learn more.
My practice of being a professional dancer is being rewarded with the chance to work with Seattle Opera. The production of “Orphee and Eurydice” will open during the end of February. The process is very fast pace as the choreography and staging are simultaneously occurring. We are dancing in this bamboo fabric which gives a creature effect to the movement. The themes of lament, anger, and happiness are toyed with in this Opera. The dancers are to display these themes during different scenes. The dancers are remaining open to the ideas and concepts. We are still in the building phase of the Opera but it appears to be coming together well. The weather during the past week was beautiful. I discovered new things upon walking to different areas of the city. All of this and processing what happened during this past month. I’m back on a new mission because I realize it takes more to live here in this city. Forgive me for being an Artist who still struggles to make ends meet. We are at times forced to let go of certain things to get us to the next level. It’s the choices we make that are solely on us. It goes back to that Artistic Integrity. The greatest lesson I’m learning right now is the value of time. Lately I’ve been thinking about just doing my own thing. I’m not worried about what other people may interpret. The most important saying I’ve heard while studying at Philadanco was “You have nothing to prove, but everything to share”-Deborah Chase. I’m starting to understand that idea.