23 08 2010

Hmmm. Relationships…the mystery of them. I’m still learning about them day by day-how strange. Peering into the ballroom. I actually didn’t know that during the 19th century ballroom scene that there were mirrors present. This fact spans from viewing Spectrum Dance Theater’s performance on tonight. 3 dances, all in the “ballroom” or that was at least the illusion that was set before us. I really enjoyed tonights performance as the dancers executed all the choreography to the extreme.  My take of the mirrors being present made me wonder if the intent had anything to do with some sort of “double reality”. As audience members its clear that we are peering into the ballroom because it is before us that present time when being viewed. The mirrors were placed upstage and you could see the audience reflection. Was this to perhaps allow us to question as audience members how we look and see dance? The art of presentation is a gift in itself however we know that devices are used to create an atmosphere that adheres to the subject matter. The stage told us that we were looking into a ballroom. Outlined furthest downstage a decorated frame that separates audience and performers.  The dancers displayed the good and bad side of relationships. How we interact with each other as humans.  We as the audience are looking into the action as observers-as we should hence the separation at hand. We can see ourselves within the art itself-that being the dance space and mirror placed upstage. The fact that we can see ourselves, does it remind us yet again that we are the audience? Or does it allow us peer even further than the ballroom but the peering into ourselves about the subject matter at hand. We sit and we see everything happening on stage from minimal to collages of movement from the dancers.  I wanted to capture the essence of looking at each piece as a time period picture that was given life to it by the dancers. I was able to attain that feeling for the most part. The mirrors then reminded me that yes, despite all that’s going on in the “ballroom” you are still in the reality of peering into something you are curious about. I think the mirrors gives us a bit of truth within the works. I noticed there were no bows through each ballet until the very end.  As lights went to dark you couldn’t really see the dancers exit. The last work ended with the dancers actually being seen cross over the frame to exit the space completely. The step was define as each dancer went off allowing us to see reality again as we see the canvas it becoming empty. One dancer was to remain-sitting almost motionless in a pose. This was a strong moment as its  the only stillness we can study like a photo until the lights then cut to black like a light switch.  How awesome I thought to myself of that idea.  A standing ovation for sure as I expressed my awe for the performers taking their place to then  their bow.  Having the chance to be an audience member allowed  me to just see the creations come to life and form my own interpretations of the ballets.  I took something from each work and started to question my own viewpoints of relationships.  I still think they are just so strange because they come in so many different facets, its hard to really understand that one has even formed or developed over time.  I find that many of my relationships occur through crossing paths with individuals who I am suppose to come across.  Sometimes its not until later that I discover the purpose of that particular encounter. Within my own “ballroom” I’ve been peering into changes that I can’t decide if they are good or bad.  Trying to tap into what drives me. Or perhaps what drives me I’m afraid to speak about.  I have begun to study my past relationships with those who were present in my life when I was present in theirs.  When it comes to companionship I would have to say I blew past them being in an oblivious state.  Do I regret it? Yes, sometimes, who wouldn’t? But I guess that too depends on who and what the person was to you from inception.  So then I try to find that void in ways that may not even work.  Am I too quiet? I look but I don’t touch, for that matter I don’t speak either.  Without words its just the language of the body and I’ve picked up ways to reading it. Being a dancer our entire perspective can exude from the body if we let it.  We quickly gather information from other bodies in our presence dancer or not but the language is still spoken.  I guess I’m trying to listen what’s being said without words. (10-23-10)