31 12 2009

A new year, a new decade is upon us. I write today coming to realization that time is very precious. The days, hours, min, and even seconds we go through changing our being, visions, character, perceptions, goals and ultimately our life. Do we aquire what was learned to prepare for the next level? Do we cherish the experiences to gain insight to what may be ahead? Hard work pays off, but that’s not to say work is still not to be done. I end off this year as a tyro utilizing lessons learned to elicit character and self-assurance. I can admit being taciturn as a individual. It’s something that I work on from time to time when I choose to. Like all human beings, it’s second nature. I as an individual can only focus on what’s at hand. From there, I speak into things in veracity.
The beginning practice of Hot Yoga has started to calm my inner self. Today, I rushed to the class as I knew it was the last one for 2009. After taking the class for about a week I started to feel more relaxed. I wanted to gain this feeling more often. Each session I’m focused and everyone is on one accord channeling their inner beings as well. Connecting to something that gives us meaning and purpose. The ability to let go of the worries, fears, and stress gives an individual control of their craft and destiny. The body in perspiration due to the heated room creates this self circulation in the body and mind. Learning to find the natural breathe that transends into your being. Finding a flow, you set an intention that is then reached with determination. I continue the practice for many reasons of my own, as it is beneficial for so many reasons. The practice alone is your own personal and spiritual challenge which makes it unique.
I sat today in a coffee shop gazing upon the wet pavement. This is something I have not seen in about 2 weeks. The mist is what I call it. You can actually see it moving about in the air. It’s those days I want to just sit and wonder about many things. Why this? Why that? Somethings I can not answer. Somethings I try to formulate my own reasoning, but ones own reasoning tends to change often.
We do not know what is to come, however we should strive for something and keep looking forward. Set new goals, intentions, even dreams. May this time bring lessons, happiness, and peace to all your endeavors.

Happy New Year 2010 !

Scott Bartell