New Beginnings

1 02 2009

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to stop by the blog. For the longest time I’ve always envisioned what it would be like for a dancer to actually document their experiences. I only intend to share truth and value of not only being a dancer but an Artist as well. I must say that I’m very fortunate and blessed to have made it this far and knowing that all things happen for a reason. I have to express my sincere thanks to all those who have supported me along this journey. It’s been an interesting past few weeks in my life and I decided that being an Artist is not about holding back. I decided to start a blog only to express the viewpoints of what I see and understand in the world as an Artist and as a human being.(We are all artist in our own way.) We all have different views about things. How do we present them? Last month history was made as we celebrated change, and I’m certain that many people felt inspired to either make change or continue working harder for something they believe in. I’m taking a risk to do both. This is not to say it will be easy, I think in order to see change for the better, we ourselves have to start with something. After attending Jacob’s Pillow last summer I started to see my life in a different way. With that insight I’ve always made it a goal to always give back when I can. There was not much support of the Arts where I was growing up. I was fortunate to come across some great male figures in the dance world that actually inspired me to start dancing. I only wish to continue that pattern for others. It certainly was not easy and still isn’t. I’m also a firm believer that things don’t happen overnight. Many would say it really takes time, drive, dedication, and most important-patience.

Thanks again,