“Run and Tell That…”

10 11 2010

"It's Hairspray.."

It’s Here!! Opening night of the production is just about 24 hours away.  4 shows and they are all sold out!! Congratulations to the Seattle Academy Theater Program on their recent recognition on Stage Directions Online as top honored programs within the Nation.  Along with the excitement I guess I’m taking on a reserved manner as its now time to just sit and watch.  Once the students obtain any audience I feel that something will spark within them when the first light cue is glows the stage. As the days counted down until its opening night, I couldn’t help but to feel many feelings in regards to my personal connection to the musical.  Underneath everything I’m reminded that there is a message still being presented.  On the creative side I can’t help but to also think what the cast is thinking about.  The coaching aspect has been a pleasure for me.  I enjoy seeing development in due time. I have learned not everyone develops at the same pace.  The occurrence of cast members making choices allows me to see how one’s artistry is being managed.  After arriving back in town this morning I’m preparing to attend the dress rehearsal which will be open to the students of the school.  More updates on this production up soon. Im wishing the 2010 S.A.A.S “HAIRSPRAY” Cast much success on their RUN!!!!