Poetry + Motion 2011

21 10 2011

What an honor to dance with some amazing artists on this night. My first experience using just words as an outlet for movement. Click photo below for full article..

This production will be held at Town Hall (Seattle). Sunday October 23, 2011 7pm

A powerful, evocative combination of movement and words. Local dancers create and perform works in response to words written and read by local writers. Dynamic, thought-provoking, refreshing. Dancers include Erricka Turner Davis, Catherine Roberts, Danny Long, Kemet, Kimberly Shannon, Kristen Kissell, La’Twon Allen, and Teme Wokoma.

Training Grounds

14 03 2011

I find that being here has allowed me to see development and growth. Navigation, system, rules, laws, and politics. I slightly graze upon each of these topics as my interest for them have become a little dry. However my outlook remains colorful, so trying to obtain is the key I’m still altering to fit in the door. This past weekend I had the opportunity to see my brother Kyle who came to visit Philly for the weekend from Detroit. It’s been a very long time since we crossed paths and I showed him a bit of the city and my life here in University City. His visit caused a spark within on the fact I enjoyed showing people around places new to them yet familiar to myself. I then had this new appreciation for where I am currently in my life. Although I can’t see the entire staircase I’m attempting to take the flight of stairs that’s before me. (Spin from Dr. Kings quote). My focus recently has changed due to this move. Drive is still there but its the overall question of why that bothers me. I tend to have all these ideas then try to wonder how they will manifest in time for me to see (if I am to see…). I’m here now so what do I do? I have plugged many times my talents to be placed on radar but nothing has surfaced yet. I have my moments where I feel like I’m being thrown out and the only way in is to build something of my own. Philly is certainly training grounds. Been that way since the very first day I arrived in this city while attending school. Now with this overall new outlook the possibilities seem to be on another level and it’s my duty to seek those things. Why am I so emotionally driven? Everyday is something different and the things I pick up on are also different. Ever have that feeling that you’re the topic of conversation? It’s been happening with me the past few days from what only I can tell. Social circle change and my coming into terms of how I’m getting into them. Circles once never even thought possible but its there. Situations I never thought possible but they are happening. This is all while I’m trying to listen to that little voice inside give me instructions. I still come across that feeling that someone knows more than I know. Strange to say, yes-but its just a feeling I get sometimes as though being apart of some game or experiment. Apart of me is also feeling this artistic void. A void that I can’t seem to finger yet.
The pace of the city is training me for whats to come. Something that I can manage now but can only see being an intricate part of my life to change in the coming months. I’m actually excited about going back to Seattle in May. This being performance opportunity it too also shows me that yes my life can be this way and why not? Putting out to the universe what I want and how it all unfolds to that goal in mind. I have this niche to create again. I found myself saying at one point “give me the tools and I will make magic.” My first tools in mind are the dancers who will not only display the work but embody the language of the artist. They too are artists and its my hope that we exchange this dialogue of artistic intent and truth. This latest passage was certainly long overdue. Upon dealing with issues of adjustment, I had to question a lot of things prior to even picking up a pen to write some thoughts. I am however getting better with the process as it’s only going to serve me well from this point that I continue. This was a personal report in terms of things one is dealing with at the present moment. My training still continues. I do not care what others may say or try to see me as. I am always learning, that’s life period. We take what we can and utilize the tools granted upon us to create even more tools to carry us along this frontier of life. Another day, another lesson. Another day, another tendu (lol). Class in the morning…:)

The Hiatus

12 11 2009


When we stop and take a long look into things, we realize that things may not be what they seem. 2009 draws to a close and the lessons aquired from these past months are most memorable. I allowed myself to take risks upon situations that I would of never thought twice about. Those risks took a lead into some great opportunities and connections. So what is this “hiatus” I speak of? Well, it’s the pause of an artist who attempts to capture the ideals of who he/she is. In my case-the definition is still forming and will continue to form, until perhaps great scholars past my time will try to define. I must admit that allowing myself solitude has given me understanding of many things, yet it has also taken me to deeper thoughts I find myself having to climb from.
Self value is questioned when you are left to figure it out on your own. The ideas may be big, but how do you start them? From what I know thus far-there is no manual. Creativity is the name of the game. Sometimes if we look back at out past we can amaze ourselves of the accomplishments. The most important thing is to just keep going. The idea of pushing forward at times can be stressful. It’s the commitment one makes everyday knowing that something better is in store in the long run. What about this and that opportunity? Well, I have learned that they all come and go. Everyone has their moment. What you do with it is up to you. I close out this year knowing that all things happen for a reason. Ten years now. Ten years. 2010-welcome, for this is really just the beginning.
:) 12-16-09

19 06 2009

Eleven : Eleven Divided By Seven

Photo: Gabriel B

Eleven : Eleven Divided By Seven

This new work is being presented at this years American Ballet Theatre Detroit Summer Intensive 2009


Friday July 17, 2009

Detroit Opera House

1pm & 4pm

New Beginnings

1 02 2009

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to stop by the blog. For the longest time I’ve always envisioned what it would be like for a dancer to actually document their experiences. I only intend to share truth and value of not only being a dancer but an Artist as well. I must say that I’m very fortunate and blessed to have made it this far and knowing that all things happen for a reason. I have to express my sincere thanks to all those who have supported me along this journey. It’s been an interesting past few weeks in my life and I decided that being an Artist is not about holding back. I decided to start a blog only to express the viewpoints of what I see and understand in the world as an Artist and as a human being.(We are all artist in our own way.) We all have different views about things. How do we present them? Last month history was made as we celebrated change, and I’m certain that many people felt inspired to either make change or continue working harder for something they believe in. I’m taking a risk to do both. This is not to say it will be easy, I think in order to see change for the better, we ourselves have to start with something. After attending Jacob’s Pillow last summer I started to see my life in a different way. With that insight I’ve always made it a goal to always give back when I can. There was not much support of the Arts where I was growing up. I was fortunate to come across some great male figures in the dance world that actually inspired me to start dancing. I only wish to continue that pattern for others. It certainly was not easy and still isn’t. I’m also a firm believer that things don’t happen overnight. Many would say it really takes time, drive, dedication, and most important-patience.

Thanks again,