photography: Gabriel Bienczycki Zebra Visual

11 responses to “Photos”

13 01 2009
juancarlos (14:16:26) :

very good

16 01 2009
amber barnes (08:55:10) :

im so proud of you!!! your pics are awesome!

18 01 2009
Sherrie Jackson (20:01:24) :

I love you nephew! You’ve always had it going on, great Job as always.

4 08 2009
Mom (11:46:41) :

I love your photos! Excellent Work.

19 08 2009
Rene Momon (09:18:30) :

Hey Scott, this is Rene from BESTDRESS,
Robert Hawkins sent me your email address so I could see your pictures and boy!!! are they Great. I knew you would do wonderful when you went to school and I am so very proud of you. Sometimes I think about the fun we had when we use to be in the store and laughing at some of the customers! Glad we had a chance to get to know each other. Keep up the good work, and stay in touch.
Love alllllways Rene

8 02 2010
Justin (18:15:19) :

Hey Scott. Man you are a true inspiration and a great person. I enjoyed all our conversations and I just wanted you to know that I have NOT stopped dancing ! Hope everything is going well and keep up the good work !!

16 02 2010
Winston (14:43:44) :

Nice website…!!!

1 05 2010
Larry Johnson (21:44:56) :

Keep up the good work Scott! Some say the sky is the limit, but for you it cannot stagnate such precision and beauty of form. Continue to strive for the highest. Know that you have a someone cheering for you.

6 03 2012
Terence (16:10:41) :

Hey buddy!

Hope you are doing well. :)

22 10 2014
Jerome (19:09:29) :

Dudes I trust God more, but if I could have one more day to kick it and talk with you… Only the Lord knows.

6 03 2015
Mom (15:17:26) :

Testing 12 12

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