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He walked down the staircase in thought. How would this evening end up going? THe crowd mingled in the large space. The final step he could see her across the room. Stood out only by knowing her features. A glass is held before me as the server extended his arm to me. I take the glass and finally step onto the floor. I start to find a path to a different area of the room. Walking I glance up and down but look more down to see the path. I then see Pontious. He stands very tall and broad. I approach him since he is a familiar face. We’ll I guess the only other face I know in the entire room. I sip my drink and step forward and he steps in away from someone he was speaking to. “Hello, how are you this evening?” “I’m ok Pontious, how about you?” That was just about my always response to him. “I’m cool, just talking with a gentleman about Detroit.”

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