The Thanks…

26 11 2010

I find that if I just let go of the things that worry me, I would be a lot better than I am today. But I say thanks to that. This lesson is perhaps trying to spawn upon me but is it the giving in that holds me back? It’s upon this night that I give thanks to all within my life who have provided me lessons throughout our interactions. The snow is melting, perhaps the kick-off of the winter season here in Seattle? Tomorrow is the parade downtown as well as Black Friday. The scene of shoppers outside the doors of department stores for holiday shopping and deals is mind blowing. I never really got into the hype, but have learned many people do enjoy the activity not only to just shop but to people watch as well. Upon my return from L.A. the weather here was very cold. Coming from 70 degree weather is was a shock and I got sort of mad. This was only my natural reaction through the transit from the plane to the link light rail to Seattle. It was only after a while that I was calm as the ride to on the rail was calm itself, though I noted that I would have to prepare for the elements ahead during this time. The night is cold but the stars in the sky could be seen. I thought to myself, what would this new week bring, being that I returned Saturday night. Sunday I taught class at Spectrum and went to the gym afterwards. There was a lot of thinking going on while there. I knew the week would go by fast hence the Holiday today. L.A. honestly took me on a whirlwind mentally. I say this being an artist only to find that being in a new environment brings out something within us. I was elated with my navigational skills to adhere to locations that served my interests. I was such a tourist! If you seen me I was giddish upon Hollywood Blvd running into famous movie characters like Iron Man, Shrek, and Spiderman. I also took photos of the celebrity star plaques upon the pavements. When I first walked the streets it was a bit hard for me to believe I was actually there in Hollywood. It wasn’t until that night while walking back to the hotel I see about 2-3 people in jeans and black t-shirts with these high quality looking cameras. I near some club with red carpet and bouncers in black suits. Guests of this particular party were dressed in very nice attire. It was dressy, but not too dressy you know? But it was then I realized “ohhh, that’s the paparazzi”. Every day we stand in the grocery line checking on the covers of magazines, tabloids, and sometimes the person two lanes over lol. Anyhow who usually takes those photos? After seeing them on the street I knew then this is. I have to say I really enjoyed my time there. I have to go back. Had the chance to take hip hop dance class and it was really good. I’m learning to drop my weight more when it comes to hip-hop. I was able to see the Hollywood sign that sits upon the hills of Hollywood. It was actually pretty awesome to see. I walked to 7-11 around 7am my first morning only to find after walking down a few blocks from my place you could see the sign at a distance. It took me off guard for a moment as I didn’t expect to see it. There we were all crowded into the large studio space learning steps and moves for the audition. Travis Payne instructing the choreography and I’m thinking this is surreal. The experience was amazing and it opened my eyes more into the industry. Seeing where I stand talent, strengths, and weakness all wrapped in one emotion. . I thought I did very well so I’m not downing myself at all. I enjoyed the experience there. It taught me a lot. So I give thanks to that. Thanks to experience-allowing me to investigate a given situation or opportunity that could present itself. If found myself the last couple weeks taking things only one day at a time. It helps. What is next? I’m struggling to find that out myself. Through it all, I try to stick to the grind you know. I remain thankful for that. I came across an article the other day about how this economy is reshaping how we think about things and to perhaps reinvent ourselves for the better. I can attest to this for I too have started the process of reinventing myself. As an artist I have made adjustments within my life that I know would better it for the long run. It’s one thing to think outside the box, but staying outside the box is the challenge. Temptation comes when we realize what’s in the box is better, or something new is always stirring up inside. Very true, something new is always stirring up inside. Sometimes I can only deal with so much of the new that I at times shy away from it. Technology in a way is one of them. Over the past few months I have seen a dramatic increase in the use of technology for our everyday lives. Products continue to become palm size and communication is taking on a whole new wave for generations ahead. There are times I feel like I’m getting old because I’m not on top of the latest gadgets and software out these days. I see certainly see them, and I’m aware but it takes me a while to actually decide if this product is really for me and or do I really need it? A good example would be my cell phone. Very basic Nokia brand from years back-though prior I had to have the latest flip color video phone which served its purpose. After a while I felt like that phase just sort of left me. I wasn’t excited about them anymore because I knew they would continue to make the latest and greatest over a time span of months between each other. Other ask me about Facebook too. It was utilized while in college, but after all the randomness that I had to witness over time I lost interest. I’m aware that social media is becoming the new frontier, however I don’t see the need to rush toward an idea that only ensures we get things done faster than ever or just with the few taps on a screen. November comes to a close in a few days-how fast it went by. Christmas will now be here before we know it as well as the New Year. I learned a great deal this year and thing next year will be even better in some ways. I certainly miss family back at home. It’s been a while. I was fortunate to spend the Holiday with a lovely family here in Seattle who welcomed me into their home as though I was a part of the family. It meant a great deal to me as I just don’t know what I would have done. I give thanks to those who really care. During my downtimes of uncertainly and stress I’m reminded of good character and love. I’m looking forward to traveling more. The trip to L.A really sparked something and I just have to be ready.



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